Smarter Collaboration

Empower people inside and outside your organization to connect, collaborate and innovate. Create a smarter workforce. Deliver exceptional customer experiences. Transform your core business processes to become more competitive and drive real business results.
Today there are many collaboration tools available; enterprise social software, document management, instant messaging, video conferencing and many more.
It is not easy to develop a social business strategy. Building a strategy is more then selecting and implementing a set of tools.
To be successful, you have to align social with business.
If there isn’t an obvious business use case, there’s no adoption
If there’s no adoption, no one generates content
If there’s no content, there’s certainly no business use case
Social software must be embedded into the context of the daily workspace, if not people are distracted and drawing away from meaningful work. This will lead to reinforce control rather than reinvest in collaboration. Social software is about empowering people, creating a knowledge sharing culture.
We can help you writing a business use case, developing a social strategy, implementing the right platform and tools to fulfil your business needs.

GroupWave Webinizer

GroupWave Webinizer is a platform for HCL Domino Application modernization or new web-based application creation.
GroupWave Webinizer converts native Domino applications into web-based responsive applications accessible through any browser. There is no data migration or development needed, only configuration.
You can add extra workflows to applications and create multiple portals per application so that every audience can have their proper portal to the application.
Are you triggered by the idea and wan’t to know more ? Get in contact with us and we are happy to invite you for a coffee.