A seamless visitor experience

Virtual & GDPR compliant

Your customer experience
goes beyond your products & services

Make a lasting impact on your visitors by offering a seamless experience at your office. Our visual reception desk ensures;

  • An integrated and efficient booking experience for your employees and visitors
  • A GDPR-compliant way to keep track of your visitors
  • a centralized overview of the current building occupation in case of emergency

    Discover the key features

    Register your visitor upfront

    Register your visitor directly in our Virtual Reception Desk or via a meeting request in your favorite agenda tool.

    Monitor your site occupation

    Get an overview of the current site occupation at a glance in case of emergency

    Welcome with personal message

    Make your visitor feel at ease with an easy registration process and personal message with instructions.

    Get notified at visitor arrival

    Due to our SMS notification, you will never keep your visitors waiting.