Meet Guillaume, our New Domino Expert

Meet Guillaume, our New Domino Expert 

As the popularity of Domino continues to grow, so does our team. We recently sat down for a talk with Guillaume Parent, the latest addition to GroupWave. A seasoned expert in HCL Domino with a passion for delivering practical solutions, Guillaume is sure to fit in just right. During our talk, he shared his insights on Domino’s ease of use, his journey to GroupWave, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Let’s dive in! 

Guillaume and Domino: A Match Made in Heaven 

After concluding his master’s degree in computer science, Guillaume’s journey into the world of Domino started with a custom development role across diverse industries. “Domino immediately stood out with its ability to deliver significant value in a surprisingly short time frame,” Guillaume states, “especially when I compared to traditional development methods”. 

However, Guillaume’s path took an intriguing turn when he became a technical consultant, integrating a marketing platform with multiple SAP applications. Although it was the different experience he was looking for, something wasn’t quite right: “I kept up to date on Domino and wanted to go back to working with it. In a way, you can say I fell in love with it”, Guillaume laughs.  

To return to his passion, he decided to get in touch with GroupWave and apply through the contact form on our website. Our managing partner Kris De Bisschop noticed Guillaume’s unwavering enthusiasm for Domino, and it didn’t take long for a contract proposal to be on the table. 

Working at GroupWave: Plenty of Projects and Inspiration 

Today, Guillaume is one of our business consultants and has a wide variety of tasks. He primarily focuses on custom development and consulting, serving clients in Belgium’s French-speaking region and Luxemburg. “For example, I’m currently working on a project for a prominent hospital in Brussels”, Guillaume explains, “but I’m also developing a web user interface for an internal CRM system.” He also has several other exciting endeavours lined up on the horizon. 

Another benefit of working at GroupWave is being part of a group of like-minded experts, Guillaume explains. “At my previous job, I used to follow the GroupWave Engage sessions, especially those of Tom. Being able to work alongside a fellow Domino enthusiast and HCL Ambassador renowned for his expertise is exciting to say the least.” 

The Future of Domino: Guillaume’s Perspective 

During our interview, Guillaume pointed out that Domino has a long history, and it’s a very stable product in day-to-day operations. “The fact that HCL was willing to pay a large sum for the Domino platform is a clear sign of both its proven track record and growth potential,” he states.  

Guillaume also believes that Domino is well-suited for the current cloud era. At GroupWave, we’re already running a cloud-based Domino solution for a select group of clients. It pairs well with cloud infrastructure, and HCL also offers Docker images for Kubernetes to enhance its adaptability. “Domino is a chameleon product,” Guillaume notes. “We can make it work with pretty much every kind of infrastructure, especially when you have a team of dedicated experts like GroupWave.” 

According to Guillaume, the future also looks bright: “People are starting to realise that Microsoft 365 products aren’t as good as Domino at many use cases,” he notes. “Kris has received requests from multiple clients coming from products like SharePoint who want to try out a more flexible tool, especially when you factor in the integration capabilities. In Domino, you can truly do what you want, and the sky is the limit.” 


We’re excited to have Guillaume on board, and his insights into the world of Domino promise a bright future for our clients and our team. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from GroupWave and our talented experts! 

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