Internship System Engineer

Internship System Engineer

Proving that Domino can integrate with several other technologies is something we do on a regular basis, just to show the customers that Domino is an open platform.

For authentication, we did already several SSO configurations between Domino Directory and MS Active Directory by using ADFS and SAML authentication so that users registered in AD or AAD can seamlessly be authenticated on a Domino web application.

We are looking for a motivated, eager to learn system engineer student that wants to explore the possibilities of connecting a Domino Server with ITSME as an external authentication provider.

This will allow us to authenticate users, both internal and external, on a Domino Server.

During this project you will need to explore how ITSME is set up and what needs to be done so that a Domino Server can use ITSME as an identity provider and challenge ITSME when a user requests an authenticated session to open a browser or a mobile application built on top of HCL Domino.

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