Intership Software developer

Intership Software developer

At GroupWave we have a strong focus on HCL Domino as a multi-function platform on which you can develop applications that can integrate with other packages and you can even use this server as a web server or mail server.

This server has security built-in and high availability is set up in no time. In short, this server can be seen as a Swiss army knife within organizations to provide an answer to various projects that they want to implement

We are looking for a motivated and eager to learn software development student that wants to discover the possibilites of the HCL Domino platform to develop a solution that can be used in accounting firms.

No worries if you don’t have any knowledge of LotusScript, if you know JavaScript, you will easily find your way in the programming language.

The goal of the project is to build a secure web portal where customers can easily upload their monthly documents like invoices through a browser or with their mobile phone.

Every customer needs to have their own space that is only accessible by themselves and the accountant. When the accountant receives the documents, he needs to be able to get a preview of the document.

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