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HCL Domino, the former IBM Lotus Notes, has proven its value as a powerful platform that enables seamless collaboration, workflow automation, and secure data management. With its rich history and continuous evolution, HCL Domino remains a trusted choice for businesses across industries. From its robust features to its scalability, Domino offers a comprehensive solution that can adapt to your growing needs.

Embrace the Future with HCL Domino v12

For businesses still running on outdated versions of Domino (IBM Lotus Notes), upgrading to Domino v12 is a transformative opportunity. With the latest release, you gain access to a wealth of new features, enhanced security measures, improved performance, and an intuitive user experience. Upgrading to Domino v12 not only ensures that you stay ahead of the curve but also unlocks a range of benefits that can elevate your business operations.

Unlock the Potential of  HCL Domino with Groupwave

When it comes to HCL Domino expertise, GroupWave stands out as a trusted partner with years of experience. As a part of the Penumbra group, we have direct access to the latest insights, resources, and industry best practices. Our team of skilled professionals combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of business needs, ensuring that our Domino solutions align perfectly with your objectives.

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What modern
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In the modern era, HCL Domino (IBM Lotus Notes) has evolved to offer a range of powerful features and capabilities that propel businesses forward. One remarkable advancement is the introduction of Nomad, which brings unparalleled portability to Domino applications. With Nomad, you can seamlessly access and interact with your Domino applications on both desktop and mobile devices, empowering you to stay productive on the go.

Another key aspect of modern Domino is its integration with low-code development through Leap. This innovative feature enables businesses to rapidly build and deploy applications using a visual, drag-and-drop approach.

With Leap, you can accelerate the development process, bringing your ideas to life quickly and efficiently. By leveraging low-code capabilities, businesses can streamline workflows, automate processes, and drive productivity, all without the need for extensive coding expertise.

Finally, modern Domino seamlessly integrates with a wide range of modern systems, enabling businesses to leverage the benefits of existing technologies. Whether you use cloud-based solutions, popular productivity tools, or third-party applications, Domino’s integration capabilities allow for smooth data exchange and collaboration.

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