GroupWave helps to…
make Domino great (again) !

GroupWave helps to make Domino great (again)!

That HCL Domino apps are rock–solid and reliable has been proven already for more then 30 years. Although some customers lost focus or others or not aware of its proven capabilities, we at GroupWave decided to make Domino great again and to show the market why you need to consider development on top of this platform.

Last year we responded on a request for proposal where the customer was looking for Sales Reporting Tool.

The requirements for the application were straight forward

Our response to this RFP was one where we use HCL Domino to store the application, HCL Nomad to create the mobile app for Android and iOS devices. This allows the users to work offline.  And we proposed a browser app to be able to review the results as requested. So, we were able to tick all boxes with our response.

The reason why the customer has chosen our proposition was because of the fact the we were able to tick all the boxes in a very reasonable amount of working days and last but not least…..we were seven times cheaper then others that proposed a solution with other technologies.

Domino v11. Fantastic, not fantasy. Get it done with Domino.

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