How Bilfinger relies on Domino for their mobile inventory needs

How Bilfinger relies on Domino for their mobile inventory needs 

Today we would like to introduce Bilfinger ROB, a piping and mechanical company that has been using Domino for over a decade. After facing integration with software of the corporate main office they did the math and concluded that keeping and integrating Domino was more efficient than simply moving to the corporate software stack completely.

The Great Domino Switch

Domino continues to be the tool of choice for millions of companies all over the world. Though admittedly, some businesses are running ancient versions of Domino simply because they never saw a reason to replace their old reliable digital engines. However, in today’s digitalisation landscape these isolated systems are increasingly expected to modernise and connect with the outside world, forcing many Domino users to reevaluate their trusty digital systems. 

When talking about integrating digital systems that are over a decade old, the prevailing advice would probably be to start over from scratch. But Domino is different, and Bilfinger is one of the clients that did the math, and found that upgrading Domino brings all the benefits of a modern, interconnected digital infrastructure at a fraction of the cost. To learn more we talked with Diego Vos, ICT Teamleader at Bilfinger.

Internal Applications, External Integrations

‘We’ve been working with GroupWave and Domino since way before my time and I’ve been here for over a decade!’ Diego Vos, ICT Teamleader at Bilfinger laughs, ‘Over time, we’ve built countless digital applications and integrations with Domino, and they’ve simply all been working perfectly.’

After becoming part of an international group, Bilfinger ROB was forced to adopt a number of centralized applications for timekeeping and ERP purposes. ‘It was a challenge to replace the previous systems as they were tailored exactly to our operational needs,’ Diego continues, ‘but luckily we’ve managed to integrate our other applications seamlessly’

To prove their continuing commitment to Domino, work is ongoing on a brand new mobile inventory management system. Bilfinger ROB services a large number of clients all over in Belgium and the Netherlands, and keeping track of their equipment can be an arduous task.

‘At the moment, we are in the process of adding barcodes to all our tools,’ Diego explains, ‘in the future, all our mobile offices will be able to easily procure and keep track of their tools.’ Thanks to Domino, each mobile team’s application syncs automatically with the central database, and the entire application integrates seamlessly with an SAP ERP system and an external timekeeping service.

GroupWave Expertise

The greatest tool is useless without the craftsmen to wield it, and that’s why GroupWave has always been Bilfinger’s partner of choice when it comes to their Domino systems, a relationship which dates back to the late 90’s!

‘Though the team has varied throughout the years, GroupWave has always been the perfect partner,’ Diego compliments, ‘they have always delivered very competent developers who really worked and thought with us to develop applications that were fully customised to our needs.

Want to know more about how Domino fits into a modern, interconnected digital infrastructure? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’d be more than happy to talk Domino!

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