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GroupWave consists of a team of highly experienced senior engineers. As we are true believers in our technology, we love to share our knowledge and show newcomers the amazing power of Domino. Check out some of our blogs below, and find out why we are so convinced.

Domino V12: The security panel

With the launch of Domino V12, HCL introduced their Domino Dozen serie in which our HCL ambassador, Kris de Bisschop was invited for the security panel. Watch the video here.

Managed services met GroupWave

Hoe ga je precies van een kleine organisatie met een ad-hoc IT infrastructuur naar een digitale onderneming met een professionele IT organisatie? Dat is exact waar de managed services van GroupWave bij kunnen helpen!

My old Domino setup is still working just fine, why should I upgrade?

Robustness has always been one of the key selling points for Domino (and still is!), but this has led to a lot of businesses with outdated Domino applications. Read here why upgrading is a great idea!

Is Lotus notes verouderd? HCL Notes is dat zeker niet.

Er is veel tumult rond het gebruik van Lotus Notes bij DPC, maar is dit wel nodig?

Start your engines and join the beta program

Start your engines and get ready to test the recently released Domino V12 Beta 1 !
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