Let’s dive deep into Domino V12

Let’s dive deep into Domino V12

It’s here! After a not-so-long waiting period of about a year, HCL has released Domino V12, another major update and one that promises to bring Domino fully up to par with modern useability standards. We at GroupWave have talked about our excitement for the coming V12 before, but now that it’s finally here it’s time for a deep dive into the future of Domino! 

Access Domino anywhere 

Recent events have made it clear that remote access is more important than ever. That’s why the most impactful change for many clients will probably be the release of HCL Nomad Web, bringing Domino straight to your browser! With Nomad Web you will be able to run your Notes applications in a standard browser with almost zero effort. 

 Nomad Web is a zero-footprint solution, meaning it doesn’t require any plugins or software in order to run. HCL has achieved this impressive feat through the use of WebAssembly, a low-level high-performance web programming language, and WebGL, a high speed graphics API. Together they ensure that your applications will run just as well on your browser as they do on your local clients. 

 A less obvious, but major implication of HCL Nomad Web is that it is now easier than ever to manage, update and maintain your Notes applications. Gone are the days of individually updating your applications, all you have to do now is update your server, refresh your browser and you’re done! 

Going Native 

Another major development for V12 is the fact that Domino is now fully cloud native! Thanks to Docker support, you can run Domino on pretty much any environment you can imagine: local Kubernetes, AWS, Google cloud, Azure, Red Hat Openshift, you name it! All this is done through a simple JSON configuration file and a one click install solution. 

 Gartner predicts that by 2022, more than 75% of global organizations will be running   containerized applications in production, up from less than 30% today.

 This also means that it is easier than ever to integrate Domino with other systems, making Domino a perfect part of your hybrid- or multi-cloud strategy. These integrations run deep; for instance, you can now connect Microsoft Teams directly with web-enabled HCL Domino apps or use Microsoft single sign-on as part of your Domino security setup. 

Low code – High impact

Domino has always been all about empowering organisations to easily develop custom-tailored solutions, and now with HCL Domino Volt things are kicking up another notch! Volt is Domino’s new low-code framework that makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-grade applications. This way, your domain experts can develop applications to make their work more efficient without requiring any technical expertise. And thanks to The Showroom, open to all Domino Volt customers, users can download and reuse sample apps, Javascript library examples or how-to examples completely free. 

 But even for Domino experts (like us of course!) Volt can be an interesting tool because it allows us to develop applications even faster. Apps, complete with forms, views, and workflows can now be built in minutes and easily extended with built-in integrations,REST APIs or through HCL’s extensive Link catalogue. 

You can set workflow stages and notifications to make process automation easier than ever 

 And of course, since we’re still talking about Domino apps here, all these applications come with enterprise grade scaling, security and access control capabilities.  

World Class Security 

Speaking of enterprise grade security, V12 also introduces a few interesting features to boost your security even further. With TOTP 2FA, or Time-based One-Time Password Two-Factor Authentication,you can rest even sounder knowing that your crucial business applications are safe and secure. 

 And since mobile devices are now also a big part of the Domino ecosystem, biometric authentication is now also added, allowing you to use face ID or a fingerprint scanner to log in to your favourite applications with your mobile device. 

 Finally, system administrators will be happy to hear about automatic certificate management, Active directory password sync and Native Let’s Encrypt support, making their lives easier. 


If you’re interested in the exciting new features Domino has to offer, either as a client looking to upgrade or as a company looking for a new platform to support your digital ambitions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at GroupWave and we’ll be eager to talk to you about all the possibilities Domino has to offer for your organisation. GroupWave is thé premier Domino partner in Belgium, with decades of experience and a direct line to the Domino developers. 

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