My old Domino setup is still working just fine, why should I upgrade?

My old Domino setup is still working just fine, why should I upgrade?

More businesses are still running Domino than you might realise! Though these days, Domino applications are usually only a small part of the software stack, usually running that essential core of business logic that’s hard to port to anything else. 

In a sense, Domino is a victim of its own successRobustness has always been one of the key selling points for Domino (and still is!), but this has led to a lot of businesses with outdated Domino applications. These applications simply continue working, but of course, lack the modern look and functionalities of more modern software.  

New features

So what are you missing out on exactly? We covered the most important new features already, like support for mobile applications and hybrid cloud deployments. These features allow you to vastly expand the business value of your “old faithful” legacy applications into the cornerstone of your digital workflow.

Of course, your experience might be clouded by major upgrades on pretty much any other IT system in your arsenal. Major upgrades usually come with deprecated functions, transition problems, compatibility issues, etc. Domino has always made backward compatibility and seamless version upgrades a priority, meaning migrations are way less costly and headache-inducing than with similar systems.

Finally, thanks to the vastly expanded integration capabilities introduced in v11, upgrading and expanding your Domino applications doesn’t require you to replace any external tools you might have gotten used to. The list is almost endless, but wether it’s Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce or Slack, Domino has built-in integrations to ensure your Domino applications can connect them. And who knows? In time you might find that some of these expensive external tools can be efficiently replaced by a native Domino application.

Need some more convincing? Check out the excellent blog “5 Myths about Domino You Need to Stop Believing Right Now” or this excellent case study on modernizing domino applications. The results above speak for themselves 

So where to start? Well, get in touch with us today, and we will be more than happy to guide you through this process, with personal and objective advice every step of the way. 

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