The added value of Domino to your business

The added value of Domino to your business

In our latest blog, we were very eager to talk about the exciting new future for Domino. But to be fairwe haven’t really answered the most important question: what is Domino exactly, and what can you do with it? Well, you’re in luck, because that’s exactly what this blog aims to answer. 

What is Domino?

In short, Domino is essentially a server with a suite of software solutions that covers most IT-related business needs. It contains a mail server, collaborative chat application, and even a fully-featured video-conferencing application. 

 But perhaps more importantly, Domino is also an amazing application development platform. Using Domino, you can build customized applications at a minimal cost. “How is this possible?”, you might be thinking? Well, consider Domino as a swiss army knife. Domino contains a bunch of prebuilt components and tools that allow us to build applications in days that would sometimes take weeks to develop with established frameworks. 

We mentioned some of the features before, but let’s get some things straight again: 

  • Cross-device support is built into Domino, allowing us to build applications that run on desktops, tablets and mobile devices with hardly any additional effort.  
  • No internet connection? No problem, because the applications will work offline, and sync automatically once the connection is restored. 
  • Security, access management and scaling are a default part of any Domino application. All Domino applications communicate according to enterprise-grade security standards, user privileges are easily defined and server duplication is simply handled by editing a couple of settings. 
  • Data synchronization between both internal and external components is easily set up. Domino features a powerful and flexible NoSQL-based data structure, and can easily sync data with pretty much anything you can imagine: Azure cloud systems, Google cloud storage, CRM/ERP systems, etc. You no longer have to worry about keeping your data consistent and available, because Domino handles all that for you. 

Inspiration time: Great examples on the use of Domino

All of the above sounds good, right? But as the saying goes on pictures and words, perhaps some visual inspiration is in order. Below you can find some of the sample applications, taken from HCL’s excellent developer documentation and meant to showcase the kinds of applications that can be developed in short amounts of time. 

 This application helps organizations recruit volunteers and recommends users with volunteering opportunities based on their preferences. It includes a mobile interface and QR code generator to facilitate payments. 


This application is a checklist and reporting tool for Covid-19 inspections. The mobile app dynamically retrieves the checklist questions from a separate database to allow central management of the inspection procedures. 


How about a fully-fledged sales support application, featuring a deal dashboard, a product catalog, order tracking and dynamic filtering. 


Of course, multiple Domino applications can work together to solve a single business need. This example application is built as an outage reporting tool for utility companies. Clients are able to view and report outages, with built-in Google Maps integration. 


This information is then passed onto a triage and dispatching application. Company administrators are able to view client reports, and dispatch technicians to help remediate possible issues. 


These technicians have their own applications, which they access from their tablets. Technicians can plan interventions and create reports, including a built-in barcode scanner to automatically order spares for faulty parts. 

There you go. We hope that these examples have inspired you to think about the way custom applications could enhance the way you do business. Don’t be afraid to think big! Get in touch, tell us all about your dreams, and be prepared to get surprised by how quickly we can turn those dreams into reality. 

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