GroupWave twice nominated for HCL Ambassador Program

GroupWave twice nominated for HCL Ambassador Program

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As most of you might know: since 2018 the development and maintenance of Domino has been acquired by HCL, a multinational corporation employing over 150.000 professionals worldwide.

HCL is committed to breathing new life into our favourite tool of the trade, which is why we are beyond proud to announce that both Kris De Bisschop and Tom Van Aken are once again selected to be part of the HCL Ambassador Program!

What is the HCL Ambassador Program?

To put it in HCL’s own words:

“HCL Ambassador is an award that HCL bestows on select members of the community who are both experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their HCL knowledge with others.”

This means a lot to us, as it demonstrates that our corporate values are recognized by the industry in which we operate. Knowledge sharing is one of our core values. Whether it’s informing our customers and prospects about the added value of new products, creating awareness on the use of Domino or simply sharing technical expertise with fellow Domino enthusiasts.

Cool, but what’s in it for me?

Becoming an HCL Ambassador has of course been about more than just stroking our egos (Though it certainly helps!). Being an HCL Ambassador implies that we are able to maintain a close and personal relationship with HCL, including among others:

  • Exclusive access to beta/alpha releases before the official launch
  • Direct contact with the labs that develop amazing software
  • Access to discussion forums where we can give feedback and suggest new features and functions

In short, this means that from now on we are even better placed to become the best possible Domino partner for your business, which is of course our main objective! Relying on our services and in-house knowledge, will enable you to be in direct contact with the developer, get access to the latest features and receive updates straight from the source!

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our ambassadors today, and find out how the new and improved Domino can transform your business!

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