New Domino, New Groupwave

New Domino, New Groupwave

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Domino is back! And to celebrate the comeback of our favorite tool of the trade, we decided to freshen our look and completely revamp our website. Go check it out!

For those who have no idea what we’re talking about, no we’re not talking about the pizza restaurant chain or the family tile game, but rather about the collaborative software platform created by Lotus in the early 90’s. Our seasoned readers will probably remember Domino, because it was once the platform of choice for banks and insurance companies all around the world, where it was famed for its robustness.  

Unfortunately, due to fewer investments in the product, focus slowly drifted away from Domino, and the world largely moved on to new technologies. Of course, this didn’t mean Domino disappeared altogether, many businesses still rely on their Domino applications, with an estimated 140 million active licenses in the early 2010s.

New Domino

But now Domino is under new management, and how! Since HCL, a global organization employing over 150.000 people worldwide, acquired Domino in 2019, it has already released V11, a major revision adding some amazing new features:

  • Mobile applications are now an integral part of Domino. Any existing Domino application can now easily be deployed on both Android and iOS. This allows our developers to easily build applications that are accessible seamlessly from your desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.  
  • Integration support has been drastically expanded. Domino applications can now seamlessly integrate with everything from Microsoft Exchange servers, Google APIs and Salesforce, to legacy SAP systems and even devices like Amazon’s Alexa.
  • Hybrid cloud is an integral part of many modern IT infrastructures. And thanks to V11 adding full Docker container support, Domino fits perfectly into that strategy. Additionally, you get continuous deployment and testing, environmental standardization and strong default isolation capabilities straight out of the box. 

And on top of that, HCL is currently in the public beta phase for V12, another major revision adding another batch of amazing new features and improvements

New GroupWave

You understand that we have much to be excited about, and which is why we decided to completely revamp our website and branding. Head over to and check it out! And while you’re there, why not read some of our other blogs or maybe even check out our career page (we’re hiring!)

We hope our new website reflects our expertise, passion and core values clearer than ever, and we hope of course you will get in touch and find out how Domino can help accelerate your business!

If you’ve made it this far and still have some questions left, don’t worry! There’s a lot to talk about and we’re eager to share our knowledge. In the coming weeks, we will be publishing blogs on what Domino can mean for your business and why organisations who are already familiar with Domino should upgrade to the latest version. So don’t forget to put GroupWave on your radar and keep an eye on our social channels!

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