Our Solutions

  • Smarter Collaboration

    Empower people inside and outside your organization to connect, collaborate and innovate. Create a smarter workforce. Deliver exceptional customer experiences. Transform your core business processes to become more competitive and drive real business results.

    Today there are many collaboration tools available; enterprise social software, document management, instant messaging, video conferencing and many more.
    It is not easy to develop a social business strategy. Building a strategy is more then selecting and implementing a set of tools.

    To be successful, you have to align social with business.

    • If there isn’t an obvious business use case, there’s no adoption
    • If there’s no adoption, no one generates content
    • If there’s no content, there’s certainly no business use case

    Social software must be embedded into the context of the daily workspace, if not people are distracted and drawing away from meaningful work. This will lead to reinforce control rather than reinvest in collaboration. Social software is about empowering people, creating a knowledge sharing culture.

    We can help you writing a business use case, developing a social strategy, implementing the right platform and tools to fulfil your business needs.

  • Social Project Management

    Social Project Management is about people. Social Project Management empowers people to engage in the project management process. Participation is critical not only to share project information but also to build social relationships between project team members and project stakeholders for the collective benefit of all participants. Social Project Management embodies the social networking paradigm that now dominates the way people create connections and conduct conversations over the Internet.

    The combination of rigorous project management functionality with the leading enterprise social platform from IBM opens project participation up to all project constituencies, not just a project management team tasked with updating and managing plans and schedules. Whereas in the past a project team member might focus on the tasks assigned to her, but be unaware of wider project progress, a successful Social Project Management implementation motivates participants to actively engage in the project management process, work in their now familiar informal social paradigm, and take a stake in overall success.

    Social Project Management is the operational foundation of successful Social Business.

  • Mobile Solutions

    People these days are more mobile than ever before. You cannot ignore mobile workers, they need to have access to your CRM, ERP, social intranet, collaboration platform or other business solutions. Mobile devices have to be as integrated as PC’s and laptops are today!

    This introduces new challenges.
    How can you manage multi-vendor devices? How can you support and roll-out different versions of a mobile application? How can you maintain the balance between User Experience and Security?

    We can integrate video conferencing and make collaboration solutions available on mobile devices. We can also help you increase workforce productivity through mobile apps. We can assist you implementing a Mobile Device management platform or developing your multi-OS Mobile Application.

    We can help you building a mobile strategy to drive your business.

  • Video Conferencing

    A video conference is a live audio & video connection between people in different locations for the purpose of communication or collaboration. Video conferencing allows participants to communicate visually. You can give a live demo, share documents or use slides to give a presentation. You can record a video presentation and share it with your team or customers.

    Video meetings break down barriers and improve productivity. You can reduce travel expenses, save time, increase collaboration and improve communication. You can schedule multi-point meetings across time zones and international boundaries.

    Broadband internet is everywhere today even mobile networks are getting faster and more reliable than ever before. This gives you the opportunity to introduce audio and video as a collaboration tool without big investments in Site-to-Site data lines or dedicated internet connections. Your can use your existing infrastructure to setup video meetings.

    There is no need to invest in expensive HD high quality endpoints to start using video conferencing. Today’s mobile devices and laptops are equipped with good quality cameras and microphones to participate in video meetings.

    You can start with a standalone solution but the ROI will be much bigger if you integrate your video conferencing system with your existing collaboration platform.

    Today we can help you start the collaboration solutions of tomorrow.

  • Unified Communication

    Unified Communication allows users to access all kind of communication channels from a single interface independent of the access device.

    Social communications includes:

    • Enterprise instant messaging applications, including text, audio, and video
    • Online meetings or web conferencing
    • Real-time team collaborative applications
    • Telephony middleware, such as softphone, PBX integration middleware, and Fixed-Mobile Convergence middleware
    • Social networking software