Who We Are


We understand how to work with growing companies. Through listening to our clients, we remain focused on delivering real value through your growth. Groupwave values client lifetime value.

Detailing your growth imperatives, we can either assist on your already defined plans, or assist with plan development. These plans are often related to:

  • Scaling your business
  • Driving down costs
  • Increased capability
  • Leveraging existing staff and assets better
  • Or more effective communication with customers or partners

Through consulting, we’ll navigate our pool of ideas, and select the right tools to meet your plans. We’ll team up and effect business changes and growth in your organization. We have an excellent track record of delivering the best results to businesses. We offer a broad range of expertise and services, from consulting and assistance with eBusiness strategies, to application development and deployment.

Delivering Business Value

The strategy we employ in all engagements is based around clear and simple guidelines:

–   Focus on the client’s business needs, not the technology

–   Always deliver business value to clients

–   Ensure that best practice and quality standards are maintained at all times

Through these principles, GroupWave can help you:

–   Improve your customer service delivery, business processes and speed to market

–   Align process and strategy more closely

–   Improve relationships with customers, vendors, resellers and other partners

–   Enhance employee productivity and capacity to execute

–   Rejuvenate applications by enhancing legacy applications with new technologies

Certified for Success

We work with the latest technologies, methodologies and standards. So we can bring you cutting edge solutions that deliver business value.To make sure we deliver results without risks, we invest heavily in staff training. All of our employees are certified in one or more technologies, so you can get the benefits of the latest technologies without uncertainty. Our proven track record and our satisfied clients are the best testimonials of our ongoing success.

Our Partners